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Chickpea Flour Pancakes

Sundays are Pancake Days.  I love theme meal days!  I grew up with a mom that had a meal for each day.  In fact, the meal plan was up on the fridge so we all …

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The Healthier Banana Bread

A huge passion of mine is working with alternative ingredients to create foods that we have become accustomed to eating, and by doing so making them healthier.  One of my personal favourites is Banana Bread …

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Un-Real Burger

Posted 2 years ago | by seedblog | in Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner, Eat Clean, Featured, Recipes

Who says you can’t eat amazingly tasty, wholesome, healthy food? This Burger is exactly that, and more! With South African Heritage Day just around the corner (24 September), I thought I would post this recipe …

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? “Berry Much” Smoothie

Why Berries? Berries are like little, great tasting tablets.  Although small, they are nutrition powerhouses!   They have extremely high levels of phytochemicals —  naturally occurring nutrients that help protect cells from damage. Berries are loaded …

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Hazelnut & Rice Protein Squares

Posted 2 years ago | by seedblog | in Eat Clean, On the Go and Quick Snacks, Recipes, Treats (you need them)

Another hour, another snack.  With 3 boys in the house, its no wonder I am on a constant search for new healthy snacking options.  This is just another one of my creations I thought I …

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Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Summer is on its way, and the pressure to don the bikini is mounting!  This is the start of a few summer recipes that will help you on your way to feeling great.  Remember its …

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Father’s Day Salted Caramel Brownies

Posted 2 years ago | by seedblog | in Featured, Recipes, Treats (you need them)

These are Vegan Brownies but just as good, if not better, than any brownie I have ever tasted.  Thought I would make them for Father’s Day, seeing that a celebration is always a good time …

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Are All Proteins Created Equal?

Posted 2 years ago | by seedblog | in Eat Clean, Featured, Live Green, OMG Help

The question on many peoples mind: Are all proteins created equal? Most people really believe that the only way you can get protein is from animals – think meat, eggs, and dairy!  And the age …

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