About me:

I am a dreamer, a philanthropist and a person who believes they can change the world.

As the eldest daughter of the Fry Family – of which there are three generations of vegetarians – makers of plant-based protein foods, I am a passionate advocate for plant-based nutrition and cruelty-free foods.

My over a decade experience at the helm of product marketing at Fry’s and Director of Meat Free Mondays SA and AUS is guided by nutritional expertise, a love of fitness, love of the environment and outdoor lifestyle. Enabling others to live a happier and more energetic lifestyle through plant-based nutrition is the cornerstone of my passion.

A nutritionist, athlete, self-defence coach, businesswomen, public speaker, animal rights advocate, photographer, and mom of 2, I believe I embody the term #poweredbyplants and hope to inspire others to do the same.

About Rich:

He is a dreamer (like me) and believes he can change the world – that’s why I love him!

As the eldest son of the Kelly family, he grew up in the South African bushveld where his absolute love of nature and adventure began. He went on to represent his country in Rugby Union and captained the SA U19 side.

He suffered many setbacks in his rugby career and later retired due to injury. However, his love for the outdoor and fitness never dwindled. He is now an avid Crossfitter, competing at the highest level, certified Crossfit and Lifestyle coach, public speaker and passionate about good nutrition, plant proteins and plant based living.

He is the founder of INVICTA-YOUTH, a programme inspiring teens to reach their limitless potential.

We hope you feel inspired after reading every post to go out there and make the world a better place.

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