Chocolate Lovers Banana Ice Cream.

I screamed!


This post is from a good friend – Naturally Stefanie.  If you don’t follow her, suggest you jump onto her page a take a look!

Naturally Stefanie

Chocolate lover’s are you reading this? You better be as this is one for you! A delicious blend of Your Super foods chocolate lover mix, frozen bananas, some toppings and some added sweetness in the form of syrup … what more could you ask for?! I love ice cream, but i also love being healthy, the answer? BANANA ICE CREAM! All you need to do is freeze some extra ripe bananas and blend up with some raw cacao or this delicious your super foods chocolate lover mix!


~ 4 bananas peeled and frozen

~ 2 tbsp. chocolate lover mix

~ raspberries, granola and syrup for topping


  1. Blend together the bananas and superfood mix
  2. Add your toppings and TADA!!!!!

NOTE: If you cant get the Your SuperFoods Chocolate Lover Mix, then try adding the following ingredients:

  • Cacao
  • Carob
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Chia Seeds
  • Lucuma Fruit
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  1. I love to eat cake. >.< I always look for recipes for cakes. So great that you share this recipe today. thank you very much. chocolate cake really look delicious. cravings! 🙂

  2. This looks amazing! Def going to have to try this one!

  3. Thank you for sharing. It looks delicious and I will be more than happy to try this one .

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