Live Green

“We do not inherit the Earth from our forefathers,

we borrow it from our children.”

Native American Proverb

Tammy, Wally and Debbie Fry

8 Reasons to try going Vegan this Veganuary

A new year is here with its promise of a fresh start, which usually inspires us to try something new or set New Year’s resolutions. And I believe that trying a vegan diet for January is one of the best and easiest way you can contribute to improving your health, […]

Dear Ocean

I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that we’ve taken you for granted. I am sorry for the oil spills, the pollution and all of the plastic. I’m sorry for the destruction and devastation created by our greed and ignorance. More than anything, I’m sorry for all of the life we’ve taken from you. My […]

A Plant-Based Barbie is a Kinder Barbie

The final days of the school holidays, and the last week of Veganuary is the perfect time for a summer barbecue. So how about we ‘spare the lamb’ and throw a plant-based burger on the barbie? A barbecue is the perfect occasion to celebrate togetherness, and within that unity, we […]

World Ocean Day 2020

Saving our oceans beyond World Ocean Day. Humanity is navigating a massive crisis at the moment. COVID-19 is, quite rightly so, our core focus right now. But what about once we have made it through the pandemic? What sort of crisis will we face then? We are in the middle […]

Food Waste and its Impact on the Environment

We need to talk about an issue that is swept under the rug most of the time: Food Waste. I recently had an interview with Sentient Media about this issue and its impact on our environment. Have a look at my interview with Sentient Media below to find out how […]

5 Immune Boosting Tips

Staying at home day in and day out, is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, there have been some benefits. It’s a time to go slow, reflect on what is truly important in life, learn new ways of being, new ways of doing and new ways of cooking. Before […]