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Food Circles for Flexis, Veggies & Vegans

Food Circles for Flexis, Veggies & Vegans.

Struggling with meal planning?  These circles may help!

As an athlete and mother of 2 little boys (which changes my status to “super-athlete”), I try to avoid all forms of supplementation and get all the nutrients, micro and macro, from the food I eat.  This is not an easy task and not as simple as popping a pill every morning.  In fact, I am not a supporter of general supplementation.  I have developed these food circles to help myself with meal planning and to help others wanting to follow a vegan or even flexitarian diet.

Each circle ensures a good balance of unrefined carbs, plant proteins, plant based oils and fats, a good dose of veg and fruit.  I have also included a number of superfoods in each circle as well as the odd treat.  The quantities can (and should) be adapted for each individual.

I also made sure that each meal takes under 20 min to prepare.  I generally do not have the time to spend hours preparing for dinner and I am guessing most of you are in the same position. I need to be on my A game and get food onto the table in a few minutes.  I also shop and buy ingredients that comply with my own values.  Conscious shopping can be slightly expensive, so I also ensure that there is no waste after the meal…it does help to have a husband that literally licks the plate clean and a dog that loves a few left overs!

This is the first of many – feel free to share with anyone struggling to eat a plant based diet, be it for a day, a week, a month or forever!

Food Circle Strips
Food Circle 1

Shopping List:

Steel Cut Oats

Rice Malt Syrup

Raw Nuts

Chia Seeds

Plant based Milk

Coconut Oil

Soy/Rice Protein

Fry’s Quinoa Falafel Burgers

Fry’s Rice Protein & Chia Strips

Pita Bread



Baby Spinach

Stir Fry Veg

A selection of fresh fruit (incl Bananas)

Noodles (optional)

Dessicated Coconut

Goji Berries

Pitted Dates

Cacao Nibs

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