Move & Glow this Summer

Summer Outdoor Fitness

Its not what others see, its how you feel!

Spring has sprung. And for many of us, so has the fear of bearing our body in public.

If you have my skin type, you may be lily-white and struggling with dry skin brought on by winter.

Or, you may be carrying around a little extra weight you gained during the hibernation season.

Either way, here are a few tips to get you back on the beach and glowing in no time:

  1. Shower time is YOU time.

Give those legs and arms a good brushing down or use a good exfoliator scrub.  Not only is this great for those with dry skin but it increases your circulation which helps drain your lymph nodes, leaving you feeling great. Just like the skin cells on your face, the cells on your body regularly shed to reveal new, skin underneath.  Follow with a good moisturiser.

And remember to check whether or not your products are tested on animals.  No good looking after ourselves only.  You will feel better about the products you use when you know they are ethical, organic and animal-testing free!  If you aren’t sure, check here:

And by the way, if you are worried about the amount of water you are using whilst showering – don’t stress too much.  1kg of meat requires 16 000l of water to produce. So by giving up meat 1 day per week you essentially save 5530l of water per week.  That’s equivalent to a 7min shower every day for 50 days.  Pass on the meat and commit to Meat Free Mondays or become a Flexitarian. or

For an awesome video which is sure to make you smile, watch this!

OR Cowspiracy says it all!

– On Netflix!

water usage









2. Get outdoors, get active. Move & Glow…

Committing just 30min of your day to some kind of activity outdoors will leave you feeling amazing.  It does require some commitment and possibly a vision board.  So get moving!  Different levels of fitness, mean different types of activity.

Some suggestions:

  • Gardening/plant a veggie garden.
  • Start a DIY renovation in your house or garden.
  • Walk or Jog (best done with a dog!)
  • Get on your bike.
  • Walk up a hill (and down again – repeat!)
  • Do a few burpees outside on the grass – guaranteed next day stiffness!
  • Try something new (Check out my blog post – )
  • Get a body board or surfboard and head to the beach. Being battered by waves is great for fitness and toning (believe me!)
  • Yoga and Pilates are great ways to become more mindful whist training.
  • Buy a Fitbit. I am not a big believer in counting steps or calories, but this little device is a great way to remind you to get up and get moving!
  • If you can handle more, try high intensity functional fitness.  More on this in up-and-coming blog posts.

In summary, there is no need to go to the gym!  Just be creative and stick to it!

Get active








3. You are what you eat.

I suggest you commit your first week to a good detox.

Week 1:


Plant based foods



Grains (Quinoa/Amaranth/Polenta/Barley/Rice/Wild Rice/Steel cut oats)

Raw nuts & Seeds

Coconut Yogurt

Nut Butters






Refined carbs (pasta/bread)


Confectionary (this includes Chocolate)













This will kick-start weight loss and leave you feeling great!

More to come in future posts about Week 2 and Week 3.  Remember when you detox, you do feel tired.  This detox period will last about 2-3 weeks and then you start reaping the rewards.  Don’t give up when you feel a little under the weather!

If you are in dire need of some motivation and help, inbox me and I will help you out wherever I can!

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