Pantry Must-Haves!

Our pantry is the most important room in our home – it houses the secrets to our healthy minds and bodies, and therefore the building blocks to our happiness!

So for all my friends that have asked what to stock in their pantry, here is a fairly comprehensive list of must-haves, especially if you read my blog! (thanks to Lisa Marshall aka Trek Athlete for urging me to get this one posted!).

There is a reason I keep every one of these foods in my pantry, but including these all in one post would be far too much for anyone to read and far too long to write down for my hyperactive brain.  I do promise to answer all questions in the comments and will elaborate more on these foods in my instagram posts and future blog posts!  This is not an exhaustive list, but the foods I use on a weekly basis.

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Pantry Dry Goods – keep some glass jars handy!

Coconut Milk

Coconut Water

Red Kidney beans

Black Beans


Shredded Coconut


Tinned Crushed tomato

Puffed amaranth/millet

LSA – Linseed/Almond/Sunflower seeds

Psyllium Husks – great for cleaning the gut tubes

Raw almonds – better activated

Raw cashews – better activated



Quinoa – tricolour

Brown Rice

Chia Seeds

Ground flaxseed – egg replacement


Pitted dates

Nutritional Yeast – tastes like parmesan & good source of B vitamins

Sourdough Bread

Maple syrup

Almond meal

Flours – there are a huge variety of flours, so go with what you like and what your body likes (Normal flour, Spelt flour, Chickpea Flour and Coconut flour).  You can slowly transition to different flours when you start experimenting with them!

Baking soda – for cleaning and cooking

Fats and Oils

Coconut Oil – for bathing, skin moisturiser, cooking, baking

Olive Oil

Macadamia Oil

Flaxseed Oil – add to smoothies, salad dressing

Natural Peanut Butter

Tahini – for making hummus at home


Herbs & Spices

Pink Himalayan Salt

Black pepper








Garam Masala


Smoked Paprika

Fresh Fruit & Veg (organic vs non- organic will follow in another post!)

  • Please choose seasonal if you can!






Snow peas & Sugar snaps

Green Beans


Sweet Potato


Coriander (delete if you are a hater!)


Red Chilli

Green leaves

For the Fridge & Freezer

Coconut Yoghurt with live cultures


Homemade Plant Milk

Frozen Mango

Frozen Blue berries

Frozen Dragonfruit

A few boxes of

I definitely recommend you buy a few different herbal teas.  Again, the nutritional benefits of herbal teas are astounding, and what could be better than a warm cup of tea? (anytime, anywhere!).

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