Recipes for a Vegan Valentine’s Day

With less than a week to go ‘til Valentines Day, some of you may be a little stressed out by the thought of having to book a non-vegan restaurant with only 1 vegan option on the menu, or you may be figuring out how to bribe your “pre-vegan-loved-one” to join you at a vegan restaurant, where you have a whole menu to choose from or you may be thinking a night in, eating glorious veggies and watching Game Changers is your vibe.  If a night in is your gig, then here are a few recipes (mains and desserts) to get you inspired!

Ideas for Mains

Spag and Non Meat Balls may be simple, buts it’s a classic and who doesn’t love Spag?  Keep it fun with your significant other and have competitions to see how quickly you can eat a noodle!  This could be a great one for families celebrating Valentines Day together (switch out the Spiced Burgers for less spicy Burger options)

Although risotto is one of the simplest meals you could whip up, there is something undeniably fancy about it. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re cooking with wine, or the patience that’s involved with constantly stirring the rice. Whatever the reason, our Chicken Shiitake Mushroom Risotto is sure to wow your special someone.

Cape Malay Coconut Curry, featuring the Fry’s Chicken-style Strips served with Charred Apricots. This rustic dish is sure to wow even the fussiest “Omnivores”.  So if you are trying to show off your culinary skills, I highly recommend this one.

Feeling like a BBQ with a special twist (and I am talking about food here!), try the Fry’s Schnitzel on the BBQ with a side of vegan Potato Salad.

Ideas for Desserts

Try these Grilled Fruit Skewers with Chocolate Dipping Sauce.  Get creative with the Chocolate Dipping sauce – it need not be used exclusively for the fruit skewers…

Heart Shaped Chocolate Truffles

Perfect table toppers, lunchbox treat on Valentine’s Day or dessert with a scoop of coconut ice cream. These little chocolate balls are the bomb. 

Happy V-Valentines Day! Feel free to share these recipes with friends or your special someone.

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