Start Something New.

Inspired by Lululemon’s manifesto – Do one thing a day that scares you!

So 2014 and 2015 has been a year of great change for myself and my family. After immigrating to Australia, we realised no one knew who we were, what we did, our backgrounds or history. It was quite strange and refreshing walking around sort-of incognito! So I decided after reading the Lululemon manifesto that the time had come to start something new (easier said than done)

So I did what everyone else in the world was doing and joined the “cult” of Crossfit (yes, you may sigh!). For the first month I could not understand the lingo of this community of “athletes”. Words like WOD, BOX, AMRAPS, EMOM, 1RM, PB, METCON, Filthy Fifty and many, many girl’s names (lists of them) appearing everywhere! In the second month things started to make sense.

At least now I could understand my husband (an avid Crossfitter) when he said he was going to do Cindy! (And not give him a sideways glance)

If you think this stuff isn’t for moms, think again. It is a great workout with plenty of scaling options (eg if you can’t do a push up, there are 3 simpler ways of doing them and these are always explained by the instructor). The team spirit is great. No one judges you for the stuff you can’t do and expect plenty of high fives and pats on the back. The new APP called WODIFY is almost like a Facebook page where your daily scores are logged and you will find your training partners “liking” your workouts and “commenting” on your progress. It is all very inspiring. Not to mention the almost immediate effect the training will have on your shape! Oh, and they will call you an athlete even if you look nothing like one J

Crossfit is essentially functional fitness and incorporates weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, plyometric movements or “functional movements that are constantly varied at high intensity.” CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program and includes 10 fitness domains: Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy


10 tips for the new Crossfitter

  • Training is tough but the rewards are great
  • Don’t let your ego get the better of you – being competitive is great, but make sure your form comes first.
  • Eat to train and not the other way around – get your nutrition right. Many of my blog posts will focus on nutrition and clean eating recipes.
  • You don’t HAVE to supplement. I am a strong believer in the fact that the food we eat contains everything we need. However, if you plan to become competitive and place your body under extreme pressure to perform, supplementation will become necessary at some point.
  • Burpees. Burpees – do them in your lounge, do them when travelling, do them with your kids. Family burpee challenges can be quite fun. The kids love it (and will most probably beat you)! These seem to be the cornerstone movement of Crossfit!
  • Get a roller. You will need one! This obscure little thing will make your life more manageable after a training session. (used for myo fascial release or deep tissue massage)
  • You will realise the importance of Reebok Crossfit Nanos and why everyone needs a pair.
  • You may find yourself wearing long socks up to your knees for no apparent reason other than you may not have shaved your legs or that it is winter and a little chilly
  • Try and log all your scores as it help to measure your progress.
  • Set yourself some small goals. Write them down. Get a vision board if you don’t already have one.


So what do some of the Crossfit Terms mean (you may as well go in prepared)

BOX: This is essentially the Gym (pure and simple) – except it won’t look much like a gym inside – less equipment and very few machines!

WOD: Workout of the Day

AMRAP: As Many Reps/Rounds as Possible in a given time period.

EMOM: Every minute on the minute. In other words you are given a set number of reps that have to be completed before 60 sec is up. This may go on for 10/15/20 min.

1RM: One rep max. This is the max weight you can move for 1 rep.

Ass to Grass: A deep and full squat.

PB: Personal Best and sometimes called PR (Personal Record). These always end with a high five!

RX: Doing the workout as prescribed SCALED: Using progressions to assist you to achieve RX eventually

METCON: “metabolic conditioning,” These are designed to train stamina, endurance, and conditioning. Metcons usually include some sort of timed component performed at high intensity.

Burpees: What you did when you were at school, but your chest needs to touch the floor each time!

Double Under: The jump rope needs to under your feet twice with only one jump. This may have you throwing your rope in frustration, but hang in there. Not to be crude, but this is tough on those that have given birth.

Rope Climb: Yes, this is one of the Crossfit movements (not that I have tried it yet!)

Air Squat: Standing straight up, an athlete squats down until their hips are below their knees (ass to grass style), then stands back up until the hips are once again fully extended.

Kipping Pull-Up: basically easier than doing strict pull ups. By using a swinging motion or butterfly motion to help move your body against gravity.

Pistol: Or single leg squats

Sumo Deadlift High Pull: In this movement, athletes take a wide stance over a barbell and explosively pull the bar upward until it comes up to shoulder height.

Thruster: a front squat straight into a push press.

Handstand Push-Up: push ups in a hand stand position with your heels against the wall.

Muscle Up: hanging on gymnastic rings and pulling your chest above the rings to the bottom of a dip position. And then push up until the arms are fully locked

Box Jump: No running starts allowed. Athletes jump up onto a box of a given height from a two-footed stance. Pro tip: Pretend your legs are springs (or consider investing in some Kangoo shoes).

Snatch: Explosively lift a weighted barbell from the ground to overhead in one movement

Clean & Jerk: Start by explosively lifting a weighted barbell from the ground to the shoulders, then take a shallow dip and explosively push upward to propel the bar over your head with straight arms. As the bar is pushed overhead, you can land your feet in a split position.

Ring Dip: Like a normal dip, only on gymnastic rings.

Wall balls: Squat facing a wall and throw the medicine ball toward a target above their heads.

The Workouts

Fran: 21-15-9 rep scheme of thrusters and pull-ups.

Murph: This workout consists of a one-mile run followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, and 300 bodyweight squats. And then another 1 mile run

Grace: 30 clean & jerks for time.

Isabel: 30 snatches for time

Filthy Fifty: For time: 50 Box Jumps, 50 Jumping Pull-ups, 50 Kettlebell Swings (35 lbs), 50 Walking Lunges, 50 Knees to Elbows, 50 Push Press (45 lbs), 50 Back Extensions, 50 Wallballs, 50 Burpees, 50 Double Unders.

There is plenty more, but this glossary will give you a good start.

Good Luck.

Crossfit Box Jumps
Crossfit Box Jumps
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  1. Hello,

    I was at school with Debbie Fry, so am her age but definitely don’t have her figure! I do a lot of gardening and right now, as it’s spring where I live, I’m hurting all over because of bending down repeatedly in the veggie garden, digging, etc. My lowers back aches terribly and so do my hands, all ten fingers, and wrists. Your type of gym is not for me, but I’ll keep an eye out for those exercises that may help.
    Good luck! The seed section will interest a LOT!

    Best regards

    • seedblog

      Hey Melinda.
      Keep up the gardening – def a calorie burner! Make sure when bending over that you use the correct biomechanics! it shouldnt hurt as much as it does. A personal trainer will be able to teach you how to bend & crouch to protect your back.
      Thanks for reading! Loads more great stuff on the way!

  2. Charmaine Swart

    Hey Tam,

    Great Blog, looks good too! Love the pics of you and the family – inspirational!

    Thanks for the explanation of the crossfit lingo! I’ve done one crossfit class before in SA and I must say its on a different level! While I loved it, my form was probably not that good as I landed up tearing all my back muscles doing pull ups. Not sure what I did but mext minutey whole upper body started to swell up like the Michelin man .
    So I totally agree form is first and foremost!

    Thanks for the recipe for the Chia and Protein balls.

  3. Love it Tammy! I’m having a rest week but I love your CF story!

  4. “They call you an athlete even if you look nothing like one”. Haha this rings a bell! Love your writing style Tammy. Great wee article x

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