Vegan Anytime Jars

Just a few days into the new year and you may be lacking some great, tasty, healthy, foodie ideas to keep rocking your NY resolutions.  These veggie- inspired jars are enough to leave you feeling full and “secretly” patting yourself on the back for making something so healthy, look so good at the same time!

Some tips to making your jars:

  1. Never forget to eat the rainbow – so make sure you include a variety of colours
  2. Include the kids when layering – when they make their own food, they always eat it!
  3. Eat immediately or the same day if possible.  Will keep in the fridge for 2-3 days max (if Vegan)
  4. Keep it plant based – for your own health, the planet and the animals too!
  5. Add FRY’S Family Falafels or Roasted Butternut and Quinoa Balls on top – these should be served warm.

No need for a detailed recipe, but here are some ideas of foods you can layer in your jar.


Roasted Butternut

Roasted sweet potato

Potato mash

Wilted Spinach

Steamed broccoli


Peas – whole or mashed – delicious with mint




Happy playing 🙂

If you have any great Jar ideas, please comment below (sharing is caring!)



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