In conversation with Keegan Kuhn (co-director of groundbreaking documentary, What the Health.)


What the Health??  A new health documentary taking Netflix by storm and finally exposing the truth behind some of the largest industries in the world.  I had to meet the man behind the camera!

“Keegan Kuhn is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, director, producer and professional musician. He is the operator of First Spark Media, a film and video production company tailored to creating stunning visual media for non-profit organisations and conscientious businesses. His films focus on social justice topics of environmental, animal and human rights issues.”

I was fortunate enough to catch up with this incredible filmmaker, Keegan Kuhn in South Africa.  Keegan was the keynote speaker at the Fry’s AGM (Annual Green Meeting) and we spent a few days at Nambiti Plains Big 5 Eco Lodge (where you can find the best Vegan Food on the Planet!!).

Keegan co-directed the groundbreaking documentary, What the Health and is an incredible wealth of knowledge on all things plant based!  This interview gives you some insight into the making of the film, what was left out of the film as well as a message for plant based advocates and animal activists.


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